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Love Tacos? Make Them for Dessert!

Kids love tacos for dinner — so why stop serving them when dinner is over? Take everything you love about tacos (the delicious shells, the versatile fillings and the customizable toppings) and bring them to dessert!

You’ll love the crafty creativity that goes into making them, and the whole family will enjoy eating them!

Apple Pie Tacos

Unlike a tedious apple pie, these sweetened tacos take mere minutes to make. Plus, you can probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already! As a bonus, since the apples are naturally sweet, you don’t need a ton of butter or sugar to make the flavor shine — a guilt-free treat!

Funfetti Ice Cream Tacos

Anything becomes kid-friendly when it’s packed with rainbow sprinkles! That includes these dessert tacos. Inside the homemade waffle shells, you’ll fine ice cream sprinkled with cubes of funfetti cake. A generous coating of chocolate and rainbow sprinkles on top makes for the perfect finish!

Oreo Taco Cookies

It’s a simple fact: kids love Oreos! These clever tacos feature Golden Oreos as shells, which are stuffed with Oreo truffle mixture (for the “taco meat”), tinted coconut (to resemble the lettuce) and chewy candies (for all those extra toppings, like tomatoes and cheese). They’re as adorable as they are delicious, but easy enough to make with kids.

Toffee Taco Sundaes

The only thing that could make a sundae more fun is a bowl you can eat! These tacos incorporate all the fun of sundaes into an easy taco form. Sweetened tortillas serve as “boats” to hold ice cream and fixings. Don’t like toffee? This concept could be used with chocolate or other flavors, too.

Pancake Tacos

Breakfast for…dessert? You bet! Bring the classic breakfast food to dessert by folding the pancake like a soft taco shell. Fill the pancake with fruit, whipped cream, shredded coconut, candy, chocolate sauce or any of your favorite sweet treats.

Giant Taco Cake

This giant taco takes the cake! While it may look like a savory south-of-the-border feast, this is actually a clever cake creation. Start with good old chocolate cake, wrap it in a tinted white chocolate shell and finish it off with your favorite toppings! This one uses candy melts, coconut and buttercream to give the taco its finishing touches.