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5 Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Springtime in Japan and the country watches and waits for the first sakura (cherry) trees to burst into bloom. Once they do, people flock to parks and squares for hanami (cherry-blossom viewing). The romance is passionate but fleeting, lasting only a week or two. Starting from Kyushu in the south some time in March, …

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Two days in Johannesburg: Start Your Safari in City Style

Johannesburg, one of the largest cities on the continent and South Africa’s financial capital, is a stopover point for most visitors travelling in or out of Southern Africa. Many head straight out of town for a safari, but don’t make that mistake. In just two days you can take in …

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Best of Yorkshire – Highlights of God’s Own County

Yorkshire, or God’s Own County as locals like to call it, has long played the muse for writers, painters and film-location scouts, as well as being an industrial powerhouse that helped shape modern Britain. Dramatic topography, stunning heritage sites, urban regeneration areas and world-renowned walking trails are only some of …

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