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What is Square Foot Gardening?

Do you want to have a bountiful summer garden, but think that you don’t have enough space? Think again. Let me introduce you to square foot gardening basics. Once you learn how much you can grow in a small space, you’ll be shouting it from the rooftops! Square foot gardening …

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How to Build a Brick Path in the Garden

When I moved from New England to Maryland, I was struck by all the brickwork. There are brick houses,  brick sidewalks, and brick paths that lead to the brick barns. Even the streets in someof the towns are paved with brick. The warmth of its color, the strength of its …

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Not Sure What to do with All that Zucchini? Try this Grilled Appetizer

There’s nothing better than busting out the grill during the hot, summer months. It keeps the house cool and there is always much less cleanup involved. Plus, that savory, grilled flavor — can’t get enough! This easy vegetarian appetizer is a guaranteed hit for summer barbecues. It’s easy to make and …

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