How to Be a Woman in Technology

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  • In this book, you’ll find inspirational vignettes to take with you everywhere
  • The book is packed with plenty of practical advice, rare insights


Praise for How to Be a Woman in Technology”We live in a day and age when more women in technology really are achieving greater success, rising to senior leadership positions and driving more innovation in their fields. The women who share their stories in these pages fit that mold, and they didn’t get there without creativity, resourcefulness, and grit. Their willingness to introspectively share their raw fears, vulnerabilities, challenges, and successes with Cheryl, who communicates those stories so clearly and folds in her own insights, results in a very powerful, inspiring book.”–Dina Moskowitz, CEO, SaaSMAX Corp. (“Cheryl makes you feel like you’re sitting alongside each of these brilliant women having coffee together. How to Be a Woman in Technology reminds you how women have paved the way in this world and motivates you to believe in yourself in a way you never have. In this book, you’ll find inspirational vignettes to take with you everywhere, each celebrating a woman who is influencing our future. You’ll learn just how much women have done to inform our understanding of all things tech.”–Jaclyn Lindsey, Co-founder and CEO, ( “To Cheryl and the group of women who participated in this project, thank you for the leadership you continue to demonstrate. I’m so very proud of you all! This book is spot on and is a beautiful reminder that, ultimately, it is important to look within and seek what makes you happy.” –Christine Sanni, CEO, ConservGeo ( to Be a Woman in Technology (while Focusing on What Matters Most) brings you fifteen stories from relatable women who are unafraid to speak their truth and share with you their fascinating journeys as women in technology. The book is packed with plenty of practical advice, rare insights, and action steps to create a career in tech that aligns with what matters most to you. Learn how to—capitalize on your strengths; discover your professional purpose; network with intent and ease; negotiate your worth; overcome obstacles, including harassment and sexism; create meaningful business relationships; attract the “right” mentors; lead and inspire others; and more.The author, Cheryl O’Donoghue, also shares her own stories and thoughts as a long-time businesswoman, manager, coach, and human potential advocate and educator. As a bonus, the second half of the book features some of her work in the field of Emotional Intelligence, including an emotional needs self-assessment and a powerful exercise called Your Three Stars©. Together, these unique self-discovery tools help you focus on those emotional needs that matter most to you and determine pain-free ways to get your needs met so you can rise up and take control of your life and the direction in which you’re heading.Focus on what matters most to you. This book shows you how!Cheryl got her start in tech purchasing microprocessors and then selling computer hardware and has worked with several technology-focused organizations throughout her career. She is president of Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training Solutions, LLC. She is also the co-founder of Mission Sisters Who Work—a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing self-empowerment resources to low-income women planning careers or already working in business. All proceeds from Cheryl’s book sales go to support Mission Sisters Who Work. Over the years, Cheryl’s writing has appeared in numerous business publications across multiple industries. Her book How to Be a Woman in Business (while Being True to Yourself) is also available on Amazon and through other online book sellers.