Nutrition Finances

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  • A correlation between creating wealth and long-term health
  • Wellness principles to a wider audience through Nutrition Finances


Nutrition FinancesHave you tried losing weight only to hit a plateau and give up? Are you tired of yo-yo dieting that may allow you to shed a few pounds only to gain it all back plus some? Have you tried for years to gain muscle mass but still feel like a 90-pound weakling? Mitchel Black has created a plan that will change the way you look at nutrition forever and get you on the track to a long-term, healthy eating plan.In Nutrition Finances, Black draws a correlation between creating wealth and long-term health. Using examples from the economic world of growing your income and raising your credit score, he takes those terms and applies them to the nutrition world. In working through the five-step plan of Nutrition Finances, you’ll learn the keys to increasing your credit score, lowering your interest rates and increasing your passive income to make money while you sleep. Using those same techniques, you’ll learn how to improve your body’s credit score and lose weight, even while you sleep!Nutrition Finances works it all out through an easy-to-follow, five-step plan. In addition to the five steps, the book includes detailed information on the types of foods your body needs to stay healthy and how to create a meal plan that’s right for you. This will be the last first time you try a new diet, because this nutrition plan works for the long term.About the AuthorMitchel Black, founder and CEO of Strongside, is a certified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach and weight loss coach. For more than 12 years Black has worked intimately with clients to help them find health and wellness. He found that there are no secrets or magic tricks that will give you immediate results. Instead, the key is improving your lifestyle and making changes for the long-term. For Black and his clients, it all comes down to understanding how the body works and finding the right motivation. After years of helping people through his work as a personal trainer, Black has brought his fine-tuned health and wellness principles to a wider audience through Nutrition Finances.